Meet Jan

Hello, I’m Jan

A little bit about me 🙂

I’m a busy wife, mom of 3 boys and coolest nana to 3 grandchildren. I’m a sister, good friend and dog lover.

I grew up in Boston, Mass and now am loving the tropical life in Florida.

I started Mermaids and Cashmere for my love of sharing ideas and inspiration for living.

As I have gotten older and family and friends have started having health issues I started taking a new look at our lives.

I realized this chaotic life has to stop. Work, stress, always running here there and everywhere was not good for us.

We needed to slow down. We want to be there for our children and grand kids. To enjoy ourselves, spend time with family and friends. It was time to live the life we love.

So what is Mermaids and Cashmere about?
Creating fun and easy outdoor coastal living and décor ideas. Entertaining friends and family with easy and inspiring ideas. It’s also about getting vacation and getaway ideas that inspire and delight.
It’s about creating your own personal paradise and living the life you love!

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